Pebble Lane Living 5-Piece Patio Dining Set Review

Pebble Lane Living 5-Piece Patio Dining Set Review

Pebble Lane Living 5-Piece Patio Dining SetWant to have a gorgeous patio in that dream home of yours that overlooks a garden or a swimming pool? Need to add that little bit of class that will compliment your taste? Already wondering how to show a bit of yourself in the furniture you choose? Decided on having a 5-piece patio dining set? The answer to all your questions is quite simple – go for the Pebble Lane Living 5-piece Outdoor Cushion Swivel Rocking Patio Dining Set which comes complete with 4 gorgeous cushion seats and a beautiful round table to compliment it.

Bring this 5 piece patio dining set home and instantly become your neighbors envy!

The Utility

Pebble Lane Living 5-Piece Patio Dining SetThis 5-piece patio dining set comprises of 4 cushioned swivel chairs that allow you to move freely and enjoy the entire view without having to strain your neck. You can rock to and from in your seat quite comfortably without having to make any effort. The cushions are extra comfortable on which you can flop down after a hard day’s work and the arm rests ensure that you have a relaxing time.

The round nature of the table mitigates any risks arising out of edgy corners. There is no threat of anyone hurting themselves on the edges. The table is large enough for a party of four to have their food comfortably together.

The material of the chairs and the table is such that you can have the 5-piece patio dining set put up all year round without having to worry about the changes in weather. It has been crafted to cater the changing weathers and is easy to maintain. You can have it in your garden over near a swimming pool without any worry of damages.

The Beauty

This 5-piece outdoor cushion swivel rocking patio dining set is carefully designed keeping in mind the love that one puts in designing their own house and how carefully all items of the house are selected to complement each other. The brown color is chosen because of the universally classy look it lends to any furniture and the color of your house. The tempered glass top lends a mystical look to the elegant chairs thereby completing the set.

The Specifications

Pebble Lane Living 5-Piece Patio Dining SetThe set comprises of four 44″ H x 32″ D x 26″ W swivel cushioned rocking patio chairs and one 42″ diameter x 29″ tall round patio dining table. The material used is all-weather and the warranty on this product is for a period of one year.

The Flaw

One challenge you may face in using this product is that you will have to keep it regularly cleaned and maintained. Rough usage may cause for the fabric to tear slightly.

The Verdict

Leaving aside a minor flaw, this 5-piece patio dining set is a must have in your dream home. It is one of those few pieces of furniture that will bring out your personality and give you great comfort and content. If you are interested as much as we do, we recommend that you order the set from Click here to check out the Pebble Lane Living 5-piece Outdoor Cushion Swivel Rocking Patio Dining Set at AMAZON.COM…

Customer Reviews

By kjohn
We love our patio furniture! It’s very comfortable! We like this set because the chairs are tall and the cushions cover the entire chair so you can easily rest your head back . Most patio chairs are cut off at the shoulders. Read More.

By Cecilia Harris
The chairs are extremely comfortable, providing head/neck support – they swivel – and rock slightly with your movement – very convenient. The cushions are very comfortable as well and very attractive. The table is very pretty and durable. Assembly takes patience, and a helper is a plus, but it is manageable. You will love the overall attractiveness of this set. Read More.

By Tawnya J. Millard
Very comfortable. Good price for what you get. Cushions are waterproof and comfortable, swivel seats are an added bonus. Looking forward to a good summer. Read More.


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