Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court 5-Piece Patio Dining Set Review

Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court 5-Piece Patio Dining Set Review

Complete the contemporary lifestyle with a patio set.

For the love of everything beautiful, if not for the love of companionship, one chooses to make place for a patio dinner set. Regardless of how often you will require chairs in the garden, it will be worthwhile to invest in a patio set that will further beautify your home. Besides, you can never have enough furniture in the house!

Why a patio set?

Having to explain this is truly saddening. For one, it makes for a gorgeous garden accessory. Furniture is the final strand of garden decoration and it also makes it useable. It accentuates the landscape that is going on in the backyard, while making it more than a mere sight. Secondly, it is very convenient to have the patio set installed for times there are guests around on a gorgeous day. Although it might seem a tad too far-fetched, having the patio set overlooking the garden makes for romantic evenings outside.

How big a patio set?

For most cases, too big a patio set makes the landscape quite ugly and too small would not accommodate more than two people. The right size then, is to get one of the 5-piece patio dining sets, a host of which are found in the market. One such set in review today is the Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court 5-Piece Patio Dining Set.

The Contemporary Garden

It is impossible that the owner of a fine, contemporary garden is not proud of it to the point of showing it off! When all is said and done, one seeks better ways of not simply showing the garden off to friends, family and strangers alike, but also to make the view more beautiful. Look no further, for this patio dining set is the solution to all your queries.


Firstly, remember that any patio set you want for your garden needs to be very sturdy and versatile. Considering the host of weathers it needs to brave, the patio set is best to be long lasting and able to withstand the worse the nature throws at it. Wrought iron steel frame, the material chosen for this patio set, is a good option, despite being quite heavy. But overall, the material itself is good for the job, providing more sturdiness and heavy-duty functions. With all the table and chairs powder coated with carefree finish, this set promises durability, which is exactly what is required of it.

Sizes and Dimensions

The 42-inch circular table that the set comes with is the perfect size for any 5-piece patio dining sets. The chairs are a comfortable 24.25” x 22.75” x 34.25” and able to hold 1 person up to 225 lbs. per chair.

Design and Features

The mesh design is very classy and minimalistic because of which it fits perfectly in all contemporary décor options effortlessly. The red cushions provide for a delightful contrast thus drawing attention to it. These cushions are water, stain and mildew resistant so there is no need to be panicky about having cushions on the seats out in the patio.

One thing that we really like from this patio dining set is that the chairs are rockers, so when you sit on them, you will feel that they are actually very comfortable. There is also an option to have an patio umbrella on the table, as there’s already a hole on the table so that you can just put in the umbrella into it, thus adding more comfort to your patio experience. Other plus point, is that it’s very easy to assemble. In the package, you will find all the tools needed to assemble, thus making it easier for you to set it up in no time.

Our Take

From the review above, if you are looking for a beautiful and sturdy 5-piece patio dining set for your garden, we can definitely recommend you to get this set. It’s got classic look, sturdy design, and last but not least, it’s very affordable. Check out Better Homes and Gardens Clayton Court 5-Piece Patio Dining Set at Amazon to get the best price

Customer Reviews

By Malcolm G. Ross
Excellent. Chair mounts are sprung and provide a comfortable rocking motion. The black powder coated steel seems very durable. I sprayed the cushions with silicone waterproofing. The table has a convenient central hole for a ground based umbrella. Read More.

By Laura from Ventura CA
I found the exact same patio set at Walmart for one hundred and fifty dollars less.
It’s a nice set that really dresses up the back patio. Read More.

By Laurence L. “Laurence from France” 
Love it….
The chairs are very comfortable, and it surely looks good in my garden…
When it rains, it dries fast…
Must have dinner outside soon to enjoy the all set…
Also, very easy to put together…. Read More.


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