Hanover Monaco 5-Piece Patio Dining Set Review

Hanover Monaco 5-Piece Patio Dining Set Review

Hanover Monaco 5-piece High Back Sling Swivel Rocker Patio Hanover Monaco 5-Piece Patio Dining SetDining Set (MONACO5PCSW) is an exceptional creation to jewel your landscape and patios with a modern tinge of furniture. We decorate our patios and stuff them with furniture and other comforts to spend a pleasurable time with our friends and family. This 5-piece patio dining set will urge you to invite more and more friends for evening snacks with them. You would love to spend times after coming home at night with your children sitting, relaxing on the long back moving chairs.

Why to have Hanover Monaco 5-Piece Patio Dining Set?

The style of this 5-piece patio dining set will give you a reflection of traditional style with long back and moving chairs. It is made up artistically with an ethnic huge round table designed in royal style with checks print on the table. If you look at the details of designs of this outdoor dining set you will find the intricate hand woven work done on the chairs’ back and on its boundaries which will give an astounding and incredible look to your outdoors. The table is also jeweled with natural marble and fossil stone lay by hands and are sealed to prevent moisture to penetrate inside.

Hanover Monaco 5-Piece Patio Dining SetThe blended extruded aluminium and hand applied embellishments makes it more worthy. The best part is even if you place it beside your swimming pool, you will not need to worry about rust as it is made up of multiple coats of rust free element. It is weather resistant and protected from UV rays and as it is coated with polyester fabric, it allows the furniture to be in its shape for long.

Specification and Features

  • 5 piece set – includes 4 sling back swivel chairs, one round middle table and umbrella (sold separately)
  • Protected from UV ray and Weather Variations
  • Long back chair for comfortable with added luxury of 360 degree spin
  • Sling style chairs, ethnic round table and moisture and rust resistant

Module Dimensions

  • Chair= 28 inches
  • Round Table= 51 inch diameter
  • Umbrella= 9 feet

Hanover MONACO5PCSW Monaco 5-piece High Back Sling Swivel Rocker Outdoor Dining Set is completely made to add the comforts of customer with the blend of extruded aluminium with multiple layers of rust free coating to allow the furniture to remain long lasting in every worse condition.

Few Points to Think About

If you are planning to buy the comfortable long chairs separately then you will find that it is not offered that way, as you can only buy the whole set. The amazing rocking and swiveling feature is most likely the first feature that you admire, but unfortunately there is no locking feature. These chairs and table is quite heavy and they are made to be look royal and ethnic with heavy materials. But somehow, it is not that difficult to manage.

What do we say?

The 5-piece patio dining set can get top rank if we talk about its ability to fight against damage as it is weather proof, UV protected, rust resistant and prevents moisture. So it can survive in all worse conditions. The ethnic look can give an exceptional incredible look to your exteriors. The flaws like heavy weight and no locking feature can be put aside before the comforts it gives. If you’d like to get the best deal for Hanover Monaco 5-Piece Patio Dining Set, click here to get it from Amazon.com.

Customer Reviews

By J. Lesley
My experience with this outdoor set has been nothing but five star all the way!

Shipping: I received a phone call from ABF freight line setting up a delivery time for the next day with a five hour window of arrival time. The next day the driver called when he was about one hour away from delivering our set. The set was in four boxes on a wooden pallet banded together with clear wrap and plastic straps. There was no visible damage to any of the boxes. The driver took the pallet on a motorized dolly to the exact spot we specified and then asked if we wanted him to take away the wooden pallet, plastic wrapping and strapping tape. That was very thoughtful of him. Since I was expecting five pieces I had him open one box to see how the chairs were packed. Sure enough, there were two chairs shipped per box, then a box with the three table base pieces and one box with the 51″ round table top. All five of our pieces were in perfect condition.

Assembly: My husband and I (mostly my husband) had very little trouble getting the chairs and table put together. I wanted to do the assembly using the tools provided with the parts kit and it did work but you might want to use a more sturdy wrench set if you have wrenches around your house. The first chair took from 15-20 minutes just for us to get the hang of how to position the base and the chair piece for the best access and getting the U-hinges, bolts and nuts attached and tightened. From then on each chair took about 10 minutes. The table is where we were glad to have two people. That table top is heavy. We put the base together rather easily but had a little trouble working out how to attach the top to the base. Once we got that figured out it was simply tightening down the four bolts just enough to make the top even but not cracking through to the tile. It worked perfectly. The instruction sheet included with each packet of parts is well written.

Use: It is a real pleasure to sit outside in these chairs. The base is broad enough that you have absolutely no fear of tipping over when you rock. The rocking motion is a very gentle rocking, just enough to feel the motion but not enough for exaggerated movement. The swivel is a full 360 degrees, but once again swiveling at a slow, gentle motion. Young children will most likely not feel inclined to treat these chair as a merry-go-round — and that’s a very good thing. The high back tempts you to lean your head back and relax and the built-in lumbar support adds to the comfort factor. The fabric of the chairs is synthetic material but it is not scratchy on bare skin and air circulates freely through it so they are not hot to sit in. The frame is made of a combination of aluminum and cast metals and guaranteed not to rust for the life of the set. Added to that the fact that the frame never gets hot to the touch even though the chair is sitting in full sunlight most of the day. Now in my book that’s quite a wonderful combination – cool fabric that breathes and sheds water and a strong metal frame that remains comfortable to touch.

The table top is made of small tiles in varying shades of browns and creams with a lovely dark contrasting band around the inside edge. There is an opening in the center which will accept an umbrella, but which is kept closed with a tile “stopper” when no umbrella is used. The top is smooth and well sealed and after a thunderstorm a few days ago there was no standing water anywhere on the top. The table base looks very sturdy and yet it is made of molded material so it’s not so heavy you can’t ever move it around.

We are delighted with this set. It is stylish and certainly seems to be well made. The color combinations fit in well with our home (which is built with a rather unusual shade of brick) and now everyone wants to sit in the new chairs. I fully expect to have to come up with a timing system! Read More.

By Sean Paradis
From unpacking to enjoying, I have no complaint major complaints about this patio set. From start to finish, the set up time took about 2 1/2 hours. It was a windy day, and I was alone, so that says a lot. The instructions were thorough, and no extra tools were needed. I would recommend having another person help with the assembly. The table top weighs quite a bit, and is awkward putting it on alone.

Once completed, I loved the set. The chairs were comfortable as well as light, making moving them incredible easier. The colors go well with most outdoor decors; the colors are fairly neutral. The only complaint I have is that around the tables edge where the metal lip is, there is room for water and dirt to go underneath. When cleaned regularly I don’t see this being an issue. It just would have nice to have a sealant applied to that edge.

I particularly like the shape of the base. I have seen few tables with that much detail, or heavy of a base. All in all though I am happy with this set. Expensive, but the design and quality is well worth it. Read More.

By Mindy
I’ve been enjoying this patio set for a month and so far, I’ve been nothing but pleased with it.

Delivery: I was worried delivery would be a hassle but it wasn’t at all. I scheduled a time I would be available and they came right when they said they would (they were very prompt and professional. They said they would be at my house at 11am, they were there at 10:55am.) The set came in four boxes: two sets of chairs in two boxes, a large, flat box for the top of the table, and a short squat box for the pedestal.

Assembly: We were hoping my husband could do it himself since I’m pregnant but the clincher was putting the table top on the pedestal; you really do need two people for that task and we recruited our neighbor. Otherwise, everything could be done by a single person. Usually, my husband has some kind of complaint about the direction but not this time. Everything was diagrammed and explained clearly.

Overall usage: My husband was impressed with the construction of the set. He noted that when furniture is welded together, often the companies cut corners and just do spot welding, whereas with this, the entire metal pieces would be welded together. The tile on the table is beautiful and aesthetically, the set is just very pleasing. Comfort-wise, the chairs are an ample size and comfortable with good back support. I love that they swivel and bounce because I’m one of those that can’t sit still and the armrests are an additional benefit.

It’s held up well in a very wet and windy April/May. We’ve had plenty of storms with winds toppling trees but have not had any trouble with anything in this set blowing away or toppling over. Everything is very substantial. Sure, birds have had their way with it dropping presents every now and then but a good spray with the hose usually cleans everything up.

I’ve found myself spending more time outdoors because of this set and can’t be more pleased with it. Read More.


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