Home Styles Biscayne 5-Piece Patio Dining Set Review

Home Styles Biscayne 5-Piece Patio Dining Set Review

A patio so beautiful, only blissful butterflies can accentuate it!

Well, everybody aims to have them: lovely barbeque parties with friends and family at some point in the summers. Barbeques are times of great bonding and sharing. To take pleasure under the sun, it is the most natural choice to have dining sets in the patio. To keep in mind a conservative yet practical aspect, 5-piece patio dining sets are the perfect options. Outlined herewith is the patio dining set ‘Home Styles Biscayne 5-Piece Patio Dining Set.


Home Styles Biscayne 5-Piece Patio Dining SetWeather-proof and sturdy materials are required for dining sets that are going to be set outdoor and will be subject to harsh weather conditions. Versatility also needs to be considered. These make aluminum the perfect option for a 5-piece patio dining set, owing to it being weather-resilient and yet light in weight. Home Styles Biscayne 5-Piece Patio Dining Set offers weather and rust-resistant cast aluminum construction, powder-coat finish, and is also sealed with a clear coat to protect the finish, hence making this set more durable.


The bigger the better, right? Home Styles Biscayne 5-Piece Patio Dining Set comes with a 42-inch table, which is a comfortable size for an outdoor table, though it will be stingy for a full outdoor dinner with the table laid out. The chairs are about 22-inch wide, 21-inch deep and 32-inch high. The broad chairs have arms and an angled backrest that will be comfortable. Four of these chairs should suffice ordinarily and will not take up too much space either. Remember that they should highlight the patio and serve their purpose, but they must never overpower the landscape. Needless to say, it is advisable to carry pillows to lie on the chairs on clear days when the chairs will be used.


Home Styles Biscayne 5-Piece Patio Dining SetOne should never lapse the design requirements of patio sets. They absolutely must be considered an accessory and should beautify the patio. The chairs in this patio dining set have a rustic antique look that looks absolutely gorgeous in the garden. The finish itself is rust bronze (as seen in the photo, although there are other finish too like rust brown or black), which will then suit the landscape, rather blending in to the décor. There is a perforation to accommodate the umbrella at the center of the table, which not only serves to be highly useful, but it will also add to the antique charm of the patio.

Added elements

Here is where the section gets really creative. There are ways to make this patio set as pretty as a pink flower. Firstly, have fresh flowers on the table to make it look used and gorgeous. Secondly, place the patio set close to a corner of the patio, lined with little plants, with a view of the garden. Put up the umbrella in a very retro color scheme. Even if this umbrella fades over time, it will only add to the beauty of the garden. If you do have a swimming pool, you will not be able to stop yourself from placing the patio set closer to the pool anyway.


Lastly, have cutlery of a contrasting color of you are going for contemporary chic, or pretty silverware if you are simply going for retro glory. If indeed you would prefer to invest in contrasting cutlery, it is advisable to have it in either blue or green, for the dramatic effect it will add to the ensemble.

Where to buy

We recommend that you order this amazing 5-piece patio dining set from Amazon and you will be able to save 44% off of the RRP! Click here to buy Home Styles Biscayne 5-Piece Patio Dining Set.

Customer Reviews

By Owen Graham
VERY HAPPY with this purchase! They are heavy weight, high quality and have survivied the season with plenty of rains and winds without any issues at all. Highly Recommended. Read More.

You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful, extremely sturdy patio dining set for the price. I looked everywhere on other websites and no one could match the quality and especially the price of this. It was very well packaged as described by another review. We couldn’t believe the way his cast aluminum set was made, yet the chairs are not too heavy to move around. It will take some time to put together and I suggest you use two people. Time to assemble was approx. 2 1/2 hours. Once you do the first chair, the rest go more smoothly. We highly recommend this set.

And as usual, you receive it quickly from Amazon, the nest people in the business. Read More.

By Philip
Just like the eariler reviews, the set is more than I hoped for. The quality is good for a cast table and chairs. Easy assembly and directions were brief but understandable. I put the chairs together first, installing the seat first between the legs. Leave the nuts on the bolts loose so you can position the chair back in place, as it needs a little wider space to install. Tighten the chair nuts , making sure the seat is fully against the bottom supports and pulled to the front. (only tighten until snug enough to compress the lockwashers and you feel resistance to tightening.) The backs fasten the same way. I used open end box wrenches, 10 and 14 mm.

The table is assembled upside down on a soft surface. (blanket or rug.) Use a screwdriver to install the slotted bolts to the underside of the table. (leave one bolt out and fasten it through the last leg for easy assembly.) Follow instructions for legs and the round support rim. Tighten the rim nuts first and keep the legs verticle, then the rest. Extra nuts/bolts & washers included, along with small stamped tools if one dosen’t have your own tools.

Since its an outdoor patio set and not knowing if the hardware is stainless steel (probably not) I sprayed pam oil on the nuts to help prevent rust before putting on the plastic covers and then wiped off excess.

I’m extremely pleased with the set, love the quality and certainly have no regrets. I hope my review of assembly helps if you purchase the product. No worries, mate.

I’m 6″2 and 235 lbs. …. No problem as chairs are not flimsy for big guys.. 4/1/2013
Read More.


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