Hanover Traditions 7-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Dining Set Review

Hanover Traditions 7-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Dining Set Review

Hanover TRADITIONS7PCSW 7-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Dining Set Hanover TRADITIONS7PCSW 7-piece patio dining set features the frames in heavy gauge aluminum alloy extrusions that promise great durability and solid construction. The pillows of this patio set are so beautifully designed that they help in easy drying and avoid all sorts of stains.

The amazingly designed dining set by Hanover Traditions can easily transform your patio or backyard into a relaxing and beautiful outdoor seating area with style, quality, comfort and more. In the set, you get 4 deep-cushioned chairs, 2 swivel rockers and 1 dining table.

Some great features of the Hanover TRADITIONS 7-piece outdoor dining set include the following:

  • Decorative cast and aluminum components with multi coat finishing that remains rust-free for a long time
  • Weather resistant, all-durable dining set that has 4 deep-cushioned chairs, 2 swivel rockers that can spin 360 degrees and round dining table
  • The deep seat cushions allow great comfort and are stain-resistant, quick-drying as well as UV protected
  • The 72x 38 inches tabletop is decorated with lattice-accented and ornate basket weaving finish

More benefits of the Hanover Traditions 7-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Dining Set

Hanover TRADITIONS7PCSW 7-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Dining Set Both the table as well as the seating frames are alumni-cast and are a perfect blend of aluminum and cast components that remain free from rust for the whole life of the furniture set. Its lattice accented table top as well as the seat backs makes the overall setting charming, light and relaxing.

The swivel chairs are the main highlight of this set, as they allow you to be seated in comfort with the great flexibility of spinning around. You can complete the look and feel of your outdoor dining set with Traditions umbrella which can be easily placed in centre of the dining table so that you can have a shade. Designed keeping in mind extra durability, this dining set will definitely offer you a natural alternative to the relaxing indoors through accommodating your loved ones in the best of comfort just under the sun.

Should I buy it? What for?

Hanover TRADITIONS7PCSW 7-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Dining Set The best part to notice about this 7-piece patio dining set with deep cushions is that the finish is all applied with hands in various steps so that there is world class durability. The hand finish also enhances the dimensions and depth of cast elements. The seat cushions are especially made with 100 percent polyester that is wrapped beautifully around the polyurethane foam, thus ensuring great comfort while maintaining the original shape at the same time.

The thought and action that went into maintaining endurance of this patio dining set allows offering perfect blend of durability and strength using the heliarc hand welding in every piece. This further ensures powerful and solid construction for this elegant, beautiful and sophisticated design.

So if you have some friends coming over for tea, lunch or any other occasion, your Hanover TRADITIONS 7-piece deep-cushioned outdoor dining set will be the perfect furniture set they can be comfortable in. Last but not least, there are lots of satisfied customers of this product who have admired this patio dining set. So without wasting any more time, get set go and get this 7-piece outdoor deep-cushioned dining set for your backyard or patio now and spend sunny afternoons or relaxing evenings with your loved ones.


Where to buy

We recommend that you order this amazing 7-piece patio dining set from Amazon and you will be able to get some discounts off of the RRP! Click here to buy Hanover TRADITIONS7PCSW 7-Piece Deep-Cushioned Outdoor Dining Set.

Customer Reviews

By almosthappy
I have been very pleased with this dining set from Hanover. The design is very attractive and I feel it looks better in person than it does online. The style is elegant without being overly gaudy and everything feels very sturdy and well made. The chairs are also comfortable with good back support. The swivel rockers don’t rock very far back and forth, but it is enough for comfort.

The setup was also fairly simple. I was able to set up all of the pieces myself in under 3 hours, with some minimal help from one other person for the swivel rockers. So far, we have had a good amount of rain, and the whole set still appears to be in very good condition, including the cushions.

Overall, this is a high quality set that will add a lot to your patio area or backyard. Read More.

By Jesse Baynard
I’m writing this review while gently rocking on one of the end swivel chairs. There’s a cool breeze on a gorgeous sunny day. I’m not much for the outdoors, but a set like this could just turn me around. Unlike a lot of other outdoor furniture, this set is inviting to sit in and enjoy, especially the swivel rockers. But the table is a close second. The thick lattice design make is work as well as any flat indoor table, but has just enough openings and angles to keep rain and spills from accumulating on the surface. There’s a removable plug in the middle which allows it to accept an umbrella, including the matching model that can angle to keep the sun off you even as it travels across the sky.

Delivery and assembly was interesting, three large boxes delivered on a pallet. While the freight guy was very professional and even though he couldn’t move the whole pallet to the backyard, he willingly moved each of the boxes to the back on a hand truck. He also took away the pallet (which they said I could keep) and declined a tip. I was able to assemble rocker chair easily, the other chairs only required padding to be removed and the cushions attached. The table would have been easier if I had a second pair of hands, but even without it, the entire set unpacked and assembled in under a couple of hours. For a sense of scale though, the largest of the three boxes was large enough and too tempting to not become a walk-in playhouse for the kids (4 & 6) for next week. Our trash department is pretty accommodating when it comes to large boxes, but keep in mind trash removal may be an issue when ordering this set.

Overall, it’s a well thought out and comfortable set that make outdoor living a bit more livable. Read More.


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